San Francisco noise rock scoundrels The Tunnel have been perfecting their unique blend of haunted post-punk and swampy atmospherics since 2008. Crooked and restless, The Tunnel's discography draws apt comparisons to The Jesus Lizard, 16 Horsepower, Killing Joke, and The Birthday Party - an intoxicating mixture of outlaw ballads, cranky drum machines, sprawling sci-fi blues, and pummeling, angular deathrock.  

Sam Black and Jeff Wagner have served as the black heart of the band since 2010, with Black handling bass/electronics and Wagner howling haunted prose and heaving guitar tones.  Drummer Michael Jacobs (ex-pOrch) has transformed the rhythm section with his brawny dynamics since joining in 2018.  

2018-19 saw the band releasing two 3-song EPs, one recorded with Phil Manley (Trans Am, The Fucking Champs) at El Studio and another with Tim Green (The Fucking Champs, Nation of Ulysses) at Louder Studios.  A vinyl release wrapping up these EPs plus a third recorded by Jai Young Kim (Nik Turner's Hawkwind, Secret Chiefs 3) in 2018 is planned on Forbidden Place Records for the fall of 2019.  A new batch of songs recorded with Tim Green in 2019 is being worked up for release in late 2019-early 2020.

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“These guys is Motherfuckers, no less.”   
-Julian Cope, 

“Like Bauhaus meets the Cramps meets Iggy meets early Pere Ubu, but more sparse than any of those...Sounds like 1982, and yet fresh.”   
-Peter Doubt, KFJC On-Line Reviews  

"Between its staggering bass and compelling grooves, the post-punk of The Tunnel is alternately cold, rock'n'roll, goth, cutting, hypnotic, warlike, and crackling into a corridor also roamed by Toulouse's Otto, Swann Danger, and Love Life." (France)   

"Tom Waits meets Rob Zombie with some German expressionism thrown in...this would be my soundtrack to sit brooding in a dimly lit room late at night, plotting the gruesome demise of all my enemies."   
-Lord Kveldulfr, Razorcake   

"a song by The Tunnel is like a song by The Fall. You can expect everything except the expected...And yeah it hurts, but the pain is so delicious you push the repeat-button."   
-Didier Becu, Peek-a-Boo Magazine (Belgium)   

"Swagger fueled death rock attitude...Enlightening, inspiring and highly original"   
-Dave Allison, Custom Made Music Blog 


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